Tesla not getting Radar Anytime Soon!

todayJune 29, 2021

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Elon Musk is well known to have resited against radar technology in Autonomous Vehicles and believes in visual data from cameras. According to Elon Musk, “visual accuracy is much higher, so doubling your vision is preferable to sensor fusion.” In reality, Tesla has begun shipping non-radar Model 3 and Model Y’s. It will be difficult to do this without radar and lidar sensors, but Tesla believes it is possible with a new AI initiative project called Dojo.

The company has just revealed a supercomputer called Dojo with a whopping 1.8 ExaFLOPs of computing power that will train a large amount of video data using a neural network. AI will learn to analyze massive volumes of camera data in order to create world maps without the use of lidar and radars. This is an excellent approach for distance mapping and will ultimately help Tesla to achieve its mission of an autonomous vehicle with cameras only.

Written by: Z Radio Live News