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Zach & Evan

Doug Cash’s Latest Song Was Written In The 90’s

Doug Cash chats with Zach & Evan on Z Radio Live about his latest song Emotional Treason. Doug says the song is about having a great self esteem and not letting the opinion of others affect you. Listen to the full interview from the show below: You can hear Emotional Treason on Spotify and Reverb Nation

todayJune 23, 2021

Zach & Evan

Dr. Raman Explains How To Be Proficient in Your Profession Faster

Zach & Evan welcome on Dr. Raman to discuss his new book "Speed Matters" and how his book empowers the workforce to prioritize creating a plan to be successful with their time. Dr. Raman gives advice on how companies are struggling with speed of employee development and how to make them masters of the workforce. Listen below: Read Dr. Raman's new book "Speed Matters" on Amazon!  

todayJune 23, 2021

Zach & Evan

Nicole Harris Talks New Book “Women Who Choose Change” on Zach & Evan

Zach & Evan welcome on Nicole Harris, one of the three authors of a new book "Women Who Choose Change: 52 Affirmations to Spark Change and Pursue Happiness". Nicole talks about how to rejoice your life and regain your well being. She discusses how to overcome obstacles and discusses what it took to write the book. Listen below:    Purchase "Women Who Choose Change" on Amazon and anywhere books are sold

todayJune 16, 2021

Zach & Evan

Anthony & Staci Lo Cascio Talk About Healthy Meal Options on Zach & Evan

Food allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. and right now in America, about 26 million (10.8%) adults and 5.6 million (7.6%) children are reported to have food allergies according to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio are ready to fight this statistic with their new book "Food As A Prescription". Zach and Evan talked with Anthony and Staci about healthy alternatives and tricks to avoiding unhealthy food options. […]

todayJune 9, 2021

Zach & Evan

Malfunkshun Guitarist Kevin Wood Talks About His Decade Long Career on Zach & Evan

Kevin Wood stopped by Zach & Evan this week to talk shop about his influential career as a guitarist from the early days of Seattle grunge. Kevin is best known for his band "Malfunkshun" which started with his younger brother and singer Andrew Woo. Kevin's influence in the early days of grunge and rock has made him a staple of music history. Listen to the interview below: Read more about Kevin Wood's historical career on his website and listen to […]

todayJune 2, 2021


Prince Harry’s Recent Revelations Shook the Palace

Prince Harry claims that he grew up in rough home life. In the recent episode of the AppleTV + series of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry revealed the lousy parenting he and his older brother, the Duke of Cambridge, received from their father, Prince Charles, after their mother's untimely passing. The Duke of Sussex stated, "My father used to say to me when I was younger - he used to say to William and me, 'Well, it was […]

todayMay 28, 2021


Author Jack Hickey Talks About His New Book “Getting The Girl”

Jack Hickey joins Zach & Evan to discuss his new book "Getting The Girl: Moving Beyond the Pick Up Artist, Changing Your Life and attracting More Women. Jack gives tips and tricks on finding that perfect someone and some of the myths and lies about dating in the 21st century. You can get a copy of Jack's new book "Getting The Girl" on Amazon for FREE for a limited time.

todayMay 12, 2021