Buy The Dip!

todayMay 26, 2021

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It sure has been a roller coaster ride in the crypto world for the last few weeks and now we are seeing a market that is recovering from a dip, or is it? It is amazing to see how our favorite entrepreneur Elon Musk has gotten into crypto and boy has he shaken the industry. A single tweet from Elon is driving up and down the crypto markets but it is not limited to tweets only, In February 2021 Tesla bought $1.5 Billion worth in bitcoin and later said that it is accepting bitcoin for Tesla payments which also drove the market over the moon and brought stability to the market. Musk also drove the market and brought immense fame to the crypto market with the legendary tweet that read, “DogeCoin to the moon” which gave rise to a lot of memes and increased the Market Capital of Crypto and especially dogecoin. None the less the same Tesla has now said that it is not accepting crypto over environmental concerns of bitcoin mining and the latest of this story is that Elon is now talking to North American Bitcoin Miners over the environmental concerns which again has brought stability to the market. The crypto world is highly volatile right now, one should only invest with caution and the amount which he or she can afford to lose as also stated by Elon Himself that “Cryptocurrency is promising, but please invest with caution” Before his SNL live on 7th May 2021.

Written by: Z Radio Live News