DJ David Pezza

DJ David Pezza  Biography

For all of my life I have lived and loved music. I recorded my first band at the age of 14. Though not
up to professional standards by any means, it triggered a path I would continue to follow into my
adult hood. I love to make music sound great. That moment when you hear your favorite song come
on your radio and you turn it up loud, the beat pumps and the high end is crisp and clean. The louder
you crank it the better it sounds. I get great enjoyment from having the ability to take musical ideas
from my clients and turn them into a recorded medium that sounds great and evokes the emotions
of the listeners.
As a music producer I am at heart a passionate artist. I view the creation of recorded music very
much the way a painter paints. You envision how it should sound, and you create sonic textures and
layers to shape the sound. I take aspects of my work the same way a lot of classical artist would.
Renaissance painter Michelangelo said it best “In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as
though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action." I view recorded audio with the
same conviction, the song tells me how it should sound and how it should be perceived by the
I am also a singer and songwriter. I have been singing my whole life and know how to get the
absolute best out of the singers I am working with. I am very comfortable with coaching singers as
well as construction of harmonies and layering. I enjoy writing beats with lyrics as well as having
extensive EDM programming knowledge.
I'm very adaptable in the studio. Very comfortable with studio patch bays and common recording
gear. I have 3 years experience recording and mixing on an SSL G+ console and understand the
mechanics of using outboard gear. I can mix in the box or on a desk. Either way I'm comfortable and
confident, my ears do the work. Can accommodate any type of project with various types of budgets
and genres. Get at me and let's do some work!